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A Changing Life!

Living Thriving Etc is a store with your health in mind.  I bet you may have not known that even the clothes you wear can affect your health.  In this world of ease we have sacrificed our health by eating poor food and wearing or using items with a high toxic output.  This store is geared to get you back on track without having to scour the internet for the right type of products to support and benefit your health.

Yes, there are somethings we can't live without, like the phone or computer you are using right now.  Even in this we are determined to gather information and products to help you lower your exposure and damage from your environment.


 We are looking to expand into many areas of life with products that will benefit your health or help you block or overcome the affects of this world on your body while providing information to you to better your healthy life.  Whether you’re looking for body care, linens, sheets, apparel, and helpful health tools for you.  We strive to make sure that all of our products are free of harmful chemicals and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our health page is hosted by Reginald Hayden.  With many amazing results you can see a bit about him on the health page.  Check out the Beauty page to find amazing skin care and more organic natural options for cosmetics.  The front page of our site carries to you different places, these being the first 2.  At the bottom is the Betzalel Ministry stream link and a link to one of our customer company in the Kansas City area.  Please see disclaimers for these links in the site. 

Hosting an online community is our delight, where you can connect with like-minded individuals and learn from each other.   Choose from four specific groups geared to assist and support the changes you want to make in your life.  As a member you can comment on blogs and groups and see others comments on your membership notifications.  Don't see the kind of group you want, request a group with admin and send us your needs and ideas you have.

Our blog, and community are dedicated to helping you live a healthy life.  


Our future goals are to create a network for ministries, and people who are looking to support, encourage and obtain information, and products in a thriving community.  This can then bring people together to overcome in life and meet those goals in health, beauty and faith.  With the option to create blogs, a following and groups, people can be heard, collaborate, and come together like never before.  If you have thought about blogging but didn't want the hassle of creating a site, this is a viable option if your goals are to help others thrive in the three areas of their lives; Health, Beauty and Faith.  Or if you simply want a place to create a group or both, we are looking to start our future now by providing a special membership for you to do all you want to do to thrive in our community.

 Come join us in building the best place to go to Thrive.


Living Thriving Etc LLC

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